My paintings are a synthesis of traditional Renaissance painting techniques and pigments and contemporary ideas about picture making. It expresses my lifelong fascination with traditional paintings of the Flemish and the Italian schools. I grew up in West Berlin, Germany, and was exposed to great art from a young age. My parents took me regularly to many museums. We enjoyed viewing great Masterworks in their natural, unadulterated state. I learned to admire the great craftsmanship and skill of the old masters. It has become my great passion to gain ever greater understanding and insight into how exactly these great masterpieces were made and how they were constructed. What materials were used? What tools were applied? With what technique did the artist work?
In my own work, I enjoy imitating some of what I have learned. Though I do not live in the same age as those masters, I therefore do not have the same understanding of symbolism and meaning in a painting. My paintings represent symbols and meaning of their own; particular to me and the time and place I live in. I believe art making is an intuitive process. And the interpretation and analyzing is best left to the viewer. My goal is to be true to myself and my own ideas with all their joy, humor, mystery and fallibility. I hope to strike a similar chord, some recognition, some kindred spirit, or something universal to be shared with other people.